Zipline Conservative

September 4, 2009

Obama & State Run Media Hide Behind Race Card…..Stop It!!!

Stop the damn racism BS. The allegation serves a legitimate purpose and it is getting old to be accused of racism, when one disagrees with Obama and his adoring sycophants!

“Maybe the amateur sociologists like Ms. Garofalo and Mr.Olbermann are too enamored with the sound of their own voices to understand the very real harm they are causing, but he is intelligent enough to know better.

The one who held up the promise of transcending race now appears to be hiding behind it as the heat is turned up, and I’d like to think he’s more self-assured than to resort to the race card.
Tossing out the epithet “racist” over even the slightest disagreement does a disservice to those in our country who have legitimate claims due to discriminatory actions resulting from racism.  Because of the left’s irresponsible overuse of the term, few take the claim seriously and the resulting inattention breeds indifference, and indifference leads to inaction when real racism rears its ugly head.”

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