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August 26, 2009

Senator Ted Kennedy’s Passing (Ressurection of an Era)

The last of the Camelot era has passed. And, it brings to mind the magic of that era when all was right with the world and much like now there was this adoration for a man, a family, that was goofy and undignified for a citizen interested in separation of citizen and benign ruler. Much like today, with the silly adoration of Obama, a similar Camelot moment going bad. John and Bobby’s demise was understandably tragic and unsettling to the country’s psyche. The legacy was there for the pudgy one to maintain and take advantage of, but of course he did not. When he climbed out of that submerged car and stood upon a young girl to do so and left her to die, he forfeited his legacy and the karma that went with it. As he pondered how to cover up his dalliance with a young girl, she clutched her fingers into the seat top, seeking any air that was not forthcoming. She suffocated and as her brain cells exploded from the stress of death, Ted Kennedy was hatching a plot with associates to cover up the accident. He then forfeited his legacy and any sympathy now. His Liberal Legacy…..hmmm. Michael Vick gets more heat over killing pit bulls then ol’ Ted received over Mary Jo Kopechne’s death. Curious, did Ted ever apologize for Mary Jo’s death? Well, his time of reckoning has come.

Mary Jo Kopechne

Mary Jo Kopechne

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