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August 26, 2009

Obama’s Nativity (Uncomfortable, But…..)

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There are realities lost in time or not experienced by many within our culture. I read with fascination the cultural recollections from Thoughts Aloud and found most interesting the Islander/Asian prejudices re a black man and a non-black woman. Lost in all the adoration of O is this pesky issue of his birth. Also lost are the numerous posts (I wrote quite a few back in October 08) about O’s upbringing and mentoring by Marxists. Why did that not resonate then and especially now? Thoughts Aloud has some very thought provoking concepts on the philosophical labels we attach to politics. Definitely worth a look!  This is not about race. I could give a hoot in hell Frank had it for O’s mama. It is about O’s coverup and lies. The manufacturing and manipulation of the citizen, and so damn easily too! Too scary and therefore worth understanding and countering. Liberty at stake here.

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