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August 25, 2009

Deficit, Deficit, Deficit (It’s The Economy Stupid…Tee Hee)

Filed under: Arrogance of Power,Corruption — SwittersB @ 5:23 AM

$800,000,000.00 to China each week! Wonder Boy’s Credibility horrible. Trillions upon trillions in debt. Misguided, hiding bad news with CIA torture BS and Bernanke. That pesky CBO release ignored by the State Run media. All eyes on Martha’s Vineyard, what Michelle is wearing, beach scenes, children frolicking and who O was seen with. Add a dash of anti-Bushism and the weasel of off in crisis. Afghanistan…this war will expand. Off the anti war crowds demonstration radar it appears. Dare I mention my opposition to this president and yet not support the troops? What would happen in this vaccum if we retreated and let the stone age return…let Euro’s and NATO or the UN lead the way. Not sure aymore….my contempt for O cannot cloud my opinions on the military.Bottom line: Democrats are making a mess of it Bigtime, and the RINO’s have no anwers.

Obama: At It's Best, A Poor Option

Obama: At It's Best, A Poor Option


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