Zipline Conservative

August 23, 2009

Obama & Dem’s Display Inepitude….But…………

brain prop

Ok, so it is possible that the Democrats will continue to carry on as pathetic change agents (thank God!) for statism and with even more luck, boy wonder will display what a centrist poser he is and what a closet Marxist he really is…

Let’s say that comes to pass and the ever fickle undecideds hold our future yet again in their easily tweaked hands, who will the Republicans, RINO’s, Neo’s or Conservatives conjure up to handle the mess the Left has left us with: a new set of statist addictions and expectations? Will the Right go for some Moderate voice to win the election and to then oversee the botched Obama/Demwit’s mess? My money is on that. Another McCain fiasco.

Palin, Newt, Huckabee, Jindal, Cantor, Pence, Romney…………………that is it?  Which of them could handle the mess and which of them could deliver Religious Light Conservatism that would resonate? Enough Big Government, Big Wall Street, Big msm, Religious Right. What will the new direction be? So far Conservatives know what is wrong and how to describe it, but not how to lead a country or articulate what is right. Our arguments are tired and have been compromised for so long by Neo’s and RINO’s that they mean nothing to the populace.


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