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August 14, 2009

Ted Kennedy Receives Nation’s Highest Honor

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“The life of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy has made a difference for us all.”

But, not to Mary Jo Kopechne you moron. What a crock!


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  1. I am livid over this! Ted Kennedy is nothing more than drunk with a severe case of arrested development. Albeit he is ill, and I am not throwing tomatoes at the hospital window, just making a point.

    It is disgusting when a man who thinks the rules of human behavior do not apply to himself, is given our nations highest award, simply because he may be the last Kennedy…like a brand. No Kennedy, especially this one, has ever been punished for their immoral and dispicable conduct by either the church (good catholics), or the state (no, power doesn’t punish power), or their wives ( not for the adultery, but for smearing their face into it publically). The real thing that should have been placed around his neck is…he is a accomplice in killing all America was built upon.

    To apply for any position within law enforcement, one has to have a clean background check. Who in their right mind allowed this person to be a Senator..making (and breaking) laws, and telling Americans to “kiss my ass” while doing so. But then he IS a hero to the left, isn’t he? A real role model apparently!

    Comment by Ed Spaulding — August 15, 2009 @ 12:56 PM | Reply

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