Zipline Conservative

August 6, 2009

Obama, Pelosi, DNC (Townhall Voter Outrage Manufactured)

free speechCan there be no greater example of the pathetic mindset of the Demwits than to dismiss the outrage of the Right as organized, staged, corporate sponsored? If there is anyone familiar with organized demonstrations, with sponsored outrage, with Leftist theater it is the Democrats. Is the emotional level real? The majority of citizens coming to these functions are individuals tired of being dismissed. If a portion of these citizens are organized or motivated by a radio host….so what. Given the organizational skills of the Left via the net etc where does a twit like Pelosi get off criticizing or dismissing anyone on the Right for organizing? Can we recall tens of thousands of marchers for La Raza? Anti War Rallies up the rear? Who organized those spontaneous abominations? ACORN, Code Pink on and on organized protests against Bush. If any of this is staged, so be it…Leftist Theater swung Right…whatever. Most, the vast majority of this is real, indivdual anger. Of course, if you just listen to the msm propaganda channels you, as a good citizen, would follow along nice and quiet.  

Don’t shove alleged numbers of 47,000,000 uninsured….a more realistic number is 4, ooo,ooo. Fix that at a realistic manner. Forget illegals, forget millions who can afford but choose not to have health care. The speakers are not Nazi’s, not extremists. They are reading the papers, the blogs, listening to Beck or Rush or whomever….so what? Any different than listening to Progressive Radio, NPR or reading all the Huff Po, Move On drivel? Nope….good for the dependent class, good for the citizen…the tax paying citizen. The Democrats need to understand the silent majority is not silent. Representatives, you better Represent!


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