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August 6, 2009

Israel Attacked USS Liberty (1967: 34 Mistakenly Killed?)

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Came upon this aritcle from an obviously anti Israel blog (Zionist America this and that) re a 1967 attack by Israel upon the USS Liberty and the resultant deaths of sailors and with many injured. The piece, more importantly, alleged a US coverup by Pres. Johnson and McNamara to rule the attack an accident.Interesting piece of history I had not heard about or recognized as an event back then. Makes one wonder and I can imagine for those attacked and for the families of the lost sailors the suggestion of a coverup would be galling.



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  1. yes.. I remember this incident very well and I have tried to put it on my blog back in Dec. during the Israeli incursion into Gaza only to have my blog disable. The Liberty attack made front page news for a day and then it was squashed. I don’t know why Pres. Johnson allowed our sailors to be sacrifice. It was a blatant act of aggression by Israel and they knew that the Liberty was a US ship. Why did Israel attack the ship? What did the ship discover in regards to Israel? What secrets is Israel trying to hide? There have been many cover-ups esp. dealing with Israel. There is a shadow government that is calling the shots for both the US and Israel. I don’t if the current Pres. (Obama) is involve or if he is the dark horse that they can’t control. My guess is the latter.

    Comment by joeland7 — August 6, 2009 @ 6:26 AM | Reply

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