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August 2, 2009

Yes Men Fix The World (Con Men Show Us A Few Things)



Just finished watching the movie, Yes Men Fix The World on the ever Left HBO. Interesting and humorous to be sure. But, informative on a different level. The Pollyanna’s change the world dream is of course coming to fruition via O and his Marxist agenda. What struck me was how many people are our of circumstances or life followers. Easily herded and deceived…like now. Also, the inertia of bureaucracy and red tape was exasperating to the Yes Men…..well do they thing tripling the size of government, in an effort to savage the evil free market, will improve government performance? Silliness in the movie and silliness in the end. The beauty of this movie is it is a perfect compilation of Leftist Wish List pipe dreams, unworthy dreams, and worth a watch. The characters are charming. They ultimately won’t have a place in the government bureaucracy but probably will be well off via that evil pathway…the free market.  


The bugaboo’s of no Fed regulation to enhance the free market, appear to have been akin to sending the police patrols home and leaving it to the neighborhood watch while the neighbors organized the burglary, auto theft, drug rings. Much is made of Republicans and their rape of the system while the patrols (regulation) were away. Why is not much made of the housing laws signed in by Clinton and Dems and the mass corruption of O cronies at Freddie and Fannie? Did I imagine the original news re this and the corruption of Barney Franke and Chris Dodd? I guess enough blame to go around but only the ‘Bush Felons’ seem to be noted…revisionist history at work. OK enough of this…no one seems poised to come work in my yard today, so I guess it falls to me. How unfair.    


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  1. Tripling the size of government…EMK’s Americorp expansion will help the evil free market indeed. As a grantee of Americorp funds, ACORN should enjoy the “free” in the market. Influencing legislation through Americorp funding of the Acorn Housing entity will indeed continue to be free of regulation. Not only will the g-men organize the burglary and theft of neighborhoods, they will undoubtedly be the first to run to their victim’s aid….for “consideration” of course. What with more “service” oriented education on our college campuses, and the huge bonus for those who get pell grants for their choice of “service, volunteer, or non-profit start-ups”, these Americorp grantees will be the foot soldiers in the war on the free market. Water it all down…share with the less fortunate..serve, don’t strive for anything that even remotely resembles cashing a paycheck that is higher than your neighbor’s.

    Comment by Ed Spaulding — August 2, 2009 @ 3:08 PM | Reply

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