Zipline Conservative

July 31, 2009

Obamanation’s Wonderful Glow (A Lantern’s Light…A Moth to the Flame)

The Watchtower is a Lonely Place~Zipline

The Watchtower is a Lonely Place~Zipline

“This is why all Obama supporters label all Obama opponents “racists.” In their limited imagination, they can’t fathom someone actually opposing his Marxist anti-American pro-Terrorist belief system and policies. In their minds, only “racists” would oppose a blatant Marxist rushing to destroy the most powerful nation on earth.”

Not sure which scares me more Obama et al or his followers…the unquestioning panhandlers, the faithful attendees to the born again roadshows…the townhall drivel….the msm orgasmic delight…it is sickening to me that so many readily accept the plan. They are not they want the supposed Euro model and relish the community’s embrace of uniformity and earnest purpose. Toward what I say? This is frightening to me. This is not random execution but rather calculated beyond our tolerances were we to know. Someone please investigate this and report it…someone with a sense of history explain the dangers here.   


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