Zipline Conservative

July 27, 2009

Obama & Company (Rapid Overload of Policy Considerations=Loss of Liberty)

Ezekiel Emanuel, the health care advisor to Obama wants to ration health care. No, not tort reform, which drives doctors to run unnecessary tests to CYA. Not encouraging doctors to reconsider tests to keep costs down. Nope, it is the government’s rep’s ultimately telling doctors, who can and cannot receive care. Bottom line, the government and eventually doctors will decide who is worthy of care and help. Yes, doctors are God-like now and make decisions. But, why is this worth making worse? Frankly, the reality of this is ominous and frightening.


Gates, Obama, Crowley: Obama STFU! Crowley DO NOT go to the WH and have a beer with those two for a instructional moment. Gates and Obama are elitist racists in their own right. Crowley stand your ground and leave this shit behind you. Obama you are an idiot and miss the reality of race relations in this country. No, I don’t miss it….the Left misses it. Enough of using race as a ready club. New Haven showed it and now Gates shows it…pathetic assumptions about reparations, preferential testing results, race based results….enough of this shit. 

Thank goodness for Moderate Democrats and Blue Dogs. At least for now. Of course, I am sure some knit wit RINO is lurking to step across the aisle.

Arrogance beyond any Republican abuse. Seriously, I have lost track of the arrogance and abuse of power by Dem’s since November. And, the Left is silent re this abuse. Bush-Cheney were evil? This is so apparent, but not a word from the whorish msm, or the Leftist bloggers. No acknowledgement of the obvious. RINO’s should be mindful to not gather ’round foot thumpers, womanizers and the corrupt. Set a standard and hold the more corrupt to it.       



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