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July 25, 2009

Obama, Persians Have Questions For You (Why The Wus?)

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And Obama slithers way and preaches to us about our moral authority and fundamental values Obama’s Immoral Authority . He is counting on Ahmadinejad crushing this rebellion.(Harder, faster!) He is backing Ahmadinejad behind a smokescreen of  ‘not meddling’ in the slaughter of the people of Iran. He is backing evil in the despot Zelayan coup on Honduran democracy. He won’t meddle but he jumps into the Gates Crowley brouhaha with ‘no knowledge’ (allegedly)  to create racial incitement to violence and hate. He won’t meddle in Iran but wants to ethically cleanse Jerusalem of the Jewish people. He won’t meddle in Iran’s – what did he call it? “lively debate”– while  they brutally murdering people in the street dying for the principle of freedom.

When did America abandon a cultur of life? When did life become worthless? Why did we allow “enlightened” savages to seize control of every institution in America. Oh, the humanity.

By doing nothing, he is supporting Ahmadinehad. By clearing the way for a nuclear Iran, he is nuclear weaponizing and supporting the Nazis of our age.”

Keep the Hollywood Leftist away from this cause. They misread the underpinnings of the Green Movement. Of course, Obama is an idiot and the Right is silent. No leadership out of RINO’s. Time for a new movement…no party…no leadership. Pathetic what has come of this country.  


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