Zipline Conservative

July 18, 2009

Government & Media Duplicity (Smother The Atrocities; Smother The Power Grab)

I have made the acquaintance up close and from afar of Iranians. Intelligent, loving people who want freedom from government interference in their lives and the most basic rights of a democratic government. People are dying in Iran as in China and North Korea. We do nothing as these atrocities continue. We do nothing in the U.S. as our freedoms are diluted in a headlong plunge away from the individual, away from liberty and toward the all knowing nanny. Iran is pushing and running away from the all knowing father. We are not paying attention. We are too inundated and too easily manipulated by egalitarian drivel. 

As we all know our Supreme Leader or so called Father of the Country, A. Khameneh-e, who is supposed to be behind his people and protecting us as well as nurturing us all, has been doing the exact opposite for more than 20 years since the beginning of his leadership position. Along with its other people including Ahmadi-nejad, the government has done nothing but deceiving people as well as punishing or killing those who only want freedom and their right. You should hear and see what is going on in our mass-media locally these days. It is shameful to see that some of our local channels are showing some entertainment programs and our news channel is misusing our people’s voices against them and against what is the truth. Our Dictatorial government has done nothing for the country or for the benefit of the people who need more than just money, candy and pistachio. The government with hands of Ahmadi-nejad has been feeding lowest class in Iran, who can’t even read and write, and brainwashing them so they will be tricked into believing that Ahmadi-nejad and Khameneh-e stand for peace and Democracy in the country; and this is a shame to say that this is besides what we have got as our vote this year, which was proven as fraud and the biggest lie of all in the history of our country. M. Ahmadi-nejad is not who we have chosen as our president. 

These are not you NW anarchists demonstrating against some WTO evil and firebombing a Starbucks. This is not the Berkeley’ spoiled ones demonstrating against a Bush war or Republicans or the cutting of some tree on campus. This is real and the Left and the Right are silent. The Left, hypocritical on choosing their atrocities to score points in some self hate mode, the Right only concerned on bombing the production capabilities of the Iranian nuke program. Too late for that. Yet another complicated problem in the world. Boy wonder will blink, and the Isolationists while rooting for freedom don’t care to venture forth ever again for freedom. I think W picked the wrong venue for feedom. To those in Iran dying, disappearing or hiding and wondering… ایران آزاد       ايران را آزاد كنيد


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