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July 15, 2009

Bush Threw a Strike; The Pretender Too Weak & Into The Dirt


Not much to say.  A 12 year old Babe Ruth kid could get it there. I could get it there. I mean to the catcher back where he frigging belongs, not standing on top of Home Plate and having to dig it out of the dirt in front of home plate. What a pussy. Also, Fox Sports (Tim McCarver and Joe Buck) you are as big a whores as the rest of the msm. Shit! Did he choke?



 Seriously, no pre-game warmup? No recent playing catch to loosen up the arm? All the BS about workouts. What a whimp. 60′ 6″. W fired a strike in 2001. Obama displayed more than a weak wrist. 

Can you see the difference in athleticism on the mound? At least W knew how to fire a strike unlike the unbalanced girly man throw of O.

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  1. I read and saw that the pitcher leapt up to the plate to help cover!

    Comment by churchmouse — July 18, 2009 @ 4:08 AM | Reply

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