Zipline Conservative

July 8, 2009

Wind Power Miscalculations? (Slim Pickens It Appears)

Pickens' Boondoggle?

Pickens' Boondoggle?

If this private sector twit can’t get it right….how in the hell will the government with their brain trust and false assumptions? Seriously, how do you not determine the transmission process before spending $2 Billion for turbines. Give this idiot a position in the O Cabinet: Turbines For Sale Czar!  

“Like most industries around the world, the recession has hurt wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm developers. Companies have shelved development plans and laid off workers.”    Where’s the bailout $$$ to create jobs….seriously, how long does it take…is this perhaps like Katrina Slow….oh, yes the Nanny slowly waddles from crisis to crisis….or contrived crises. 

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