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July 8, 2009

Obama’s Leftist, Selective Indignation to the Use of Force (Honduras)

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Lack of Integrity Jolts Ratings Downward

Lack of Integrity Jolts Ratings Downward

“Surprisingly though, there are no Washington Post exposés, no breathless reporting from Anderson Cooper’s 360, no interviews with regime victims on Larry King Live. Somehow all those storied “investigative journalists” in the U.S. media keep missing the scoops. Instead, they lambast Honduras for resorting to what can only be described as a last-ditch effort at survival.

And our hapless “President” who last week wouldn’t touch Iran’s brutal oppression, suddenly finds the voice to demand “Justice” for Honduras’s thug, Zelaya?

Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media has posted a great article on the AIM website describing how Hondurans feel about their betrayal by America. A worthwhile read.”

Foreign Policy decisions will do much to show Obama’s true character.


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