Zipline Conservative

July 3, 2009

Why Are Regressives So Pissy…I Mean They Have Liberty By The Tail…..

“Traditionally, environmentalists have not been in very high demand as friends. This is in part because they have developed a reputation for being long-winded and angry about the state of things, because they want you to replace all of your belongings with green ones, and because until now, they have been largely inaccessible, living in communal farms in Vermont and in the world’s biggest hippie compound — commonly re­ferred to as the Pacific Northwest. They can seem like a very difficult group to infiltrate and eventually exploit.”
oldI drive about 10 miles through one of the most ‘earnest’ parts of Portland to and from work. It consistently strikes me odd that hipsters, yuppies and assorted well off Subaru station wagon drivers seem constipated. There is no joy. I mean I guess I got it when the world was on the verge of extinction with W and Dick. But now things are blazing along the Euro rail toward all things just and green. What can be wrong? Frowns, glares, stress countenances. Sometimes I think it could be the Tundra. It is a bit loud as it skirts by the cyclist, but I always swing wide and easy. Nope something is wrong in the land of earnest arrogance. Confusing in that I am ready to slit my wrists at least once a week and yet I manage smiles, social graces and basic courtesies that Portland’s perfect living beings seem to have abandoned. Perhaps they forgot how to be kind and respectful during the Reign of Terror. Well at least now a breath of fresh air will temporarily cheer them up as they discuss Palin’s resignation….   

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