Zipline Conservative

July 3, 2009

L.A. Braces for MJ Mourner’s (Independence slips toward Dependence)


Yes you!

Yes you!


Demographically, what percentage of these MJM’s voted for Obama? Meanwhile troops are engaged in Southern Afhanistan and American Left silent now re war, etc etc etc. msm silent on news blackout in Iran as abuse continues. What percentage of stories will deal with MJ v. war and Iranian abuse. Remember you are taking care of most of these bozo’s, now and until you die.  

Dark times: Cap ‘n Trade, Associated Climate Change Scam (yes scam, dumbshits) Obamacare, Republican Ineptitude, Regressive’s Corruption, Liberty Sleeps, Iranian Theocratic Abuse of Rights, N. Korea sputters along, weeds in my garden and the lawn needs mowing today.

Happy 4th of July Eve…the Optimum word is Independence not Dependence.


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