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June 19, 2009

Krauthammer on Obama’s Silence re the Iranian Election-Demonstrations Travesty

meteroiteCharles Clouthammer once again nails Obama. It is very evident when Obama is off the script of his Marxist takeover. Things move abusingly fast for the U.S. takeover express, but awkwardly and incompetently when freedom is the issue abroad (and at home).  Why the silence re Iran? Are we to believe deft machinations are afoot behind the scenes in Iran? A pathetic please. Obama’s foreign policy is positively Chamberlainesque.

Krauthammer notes: “Moreover, this incipient revolution is no longer about the election. Obama totally misses the point. The election allowed the political space and provided the spark for the eruption of anti-regime fervor that has been simmering for years and awaiting its moment. But people aren’t dying in the street because they want a recount of hanging chads in suburban Isfahan. They want to bring down the tyrannical, misogynist, corrupt theocracy that has imposed itself with the very baton-wielding goons that today attack the demonstrators.

This started out about election fraud. But like all revolutions, it has far outgrown its origins. What’s at stake now is the very legitimacy of this regime — and the future of the entire Middle East.”

An aside: Neville Chamberlain and Appeasement by Robert J. Caputi on page 190, there is meaningful assessment of Chamberlain and his “inexhaustable vanity”. Sounds familiar with today’s vane appeaser. 


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