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June 18, 2009

Did You Know? (Palin, Carter…..)

Filed under: Disgusting,Group Thinker — SwittersB @ 6:01 AM

Palin Lynch_Mob_Which reminds me, have you people forgotten that Gov. Palin was invited by Comcast in October 2008 to go to Philadelphia to do the ceremony of dropping the puck to start a hockey game with the Philadelphia Eagles and how viciously she was booed AND ACCUSED OF BRINGING HER SEVEN-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER, PIPER, ALONG WITH HER A HUMAN SHIELD! Gov. Palin loves hockey! Her daughter loves hockey! She brought her daughter to a hockey game! Not only did the crowd feel free to boo Gov. Palin and felt no shame about including her daughter, afterwards a man was inciting the crowd to attack Gov. Palin with cries of, “Let’s stone her old-school!” (See here and here.)” I hadn’t heard about this episode in Philadelphia. So, we stand by and repeatedly let people bash away in hypocrital glee without so much as a retaliation….yes, retaliation. This is not turn the other cheek time pussy.

CarterDid you know the pontificating Georgia peanut farmer, who makes Bush look like a successful President, was principally responsible for bringing down the Shah of Iran and assisted in bringing in the era of the mullahs to Iran? Did you know that? Is there any calling bullshit on this tireless crusader for meaningless rhetoric and pissing in the comunity well? Bullshit on this arrogant little asshole.  Are you on a special mission to Tehran to bring peace to the region? No lectures on the evils of the U.S.? You caused that mess….every right violated in Iran lays at the feet of this meddling S.O.B.  Who pays you to fly about spewing shit? 


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