Zipline Conservative

June 13, 2009

Iranian Voter Fraud and Corruption (Fati Asks………………………)

FRAUD,FRAUD,FRAUD,FRAUD,FRAUD,FRAUD…this is all I can say.” from Fati, an Iranian carrying much rage, sadness and can you imagine the frustration? Yes you can, because the frustration you feel now is part and parcel with what Fati feels as liberty and true freedom slips away. We are all that close to either achieving it or losing it.

In the months ahead decisions will be made to thwart the little Hitler’s in N. Korea or Iran. If force is used, it will be tempting to lump the recipients of that force as all equal…easier on the psyche. But, remember Fati and millions upon millions like her that crave freedom.  Remember the confusion and fear they will feel as missiles strike, precisely and not so precisely. Poor Fati and all the other confused and angry Iranians today.


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