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June 12, 2009

Iran’s Election (Poll Hours Extended)

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liberty 3Say a prayer that the large turnout creates meaningful change for the multitude of decent citizens of Iran. A beautiful country and a beautiful people…wanting what we have (and are slowly losing…liberty).

A new President may make a huge difference if voter fraud does not over rule the protest vote. Close vote may precipitate another vote. Change there, may be meaningful change. Isolation, text messaging shut down, suppression of communication? Come on…so obvious the suppression of freedom. 

Ahmadinejad Claims Victory….

“Yet such is Mr Ahmadinejad’s popularity among his working-class followers – whom he has courted assiduously with cheap loans and food handouts – that he knows he can count on their votes anyway.” Let’s see, is that a borrowed Democrat technique or did the Dem’s learn that long ago from other classs manipulators around the world? And, obviously the propaganda ops (exaggeration) is universal…”The stewards in charge of the Tehran meeting hall reckoned the headcount was about 25,000, while the president’s warm-up man optimistically put it near a million.” 

“The dramatic claims of victory capped a long day of voting that was extended for six hours to accommodate a huge turnout. During the voting, the government blocked text messages, a key campaigning tool for reformers, as well as some pro-Mousavi websites.”

“Iran’s state news agency responded moments after Mr Mousavi spoke, and reported that Mr Ahmadinejad was the victor. The report by the Islamic Republic News Agency gave no details. With more than 10 million votes counted, Ahmadinejad had 68.8 percent and Mousavi had 28.8 percent, said Kamran Daneshjoo, a senior official at the Interior Ministry.”

If the little Hitler wins, this will be a devastating blow to Iranians tired of the ilk at the top. So much hope for true reform has emerged. I worry what will befall the country should the runt remain in power. Of course, with O prostating himself around the world we and the Iranian moderates are in good hands… گه‌!


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  1. Fraudulant election. So sad for my family and friends that are living there and didn’t have their vote count.

    Comment by maryam — June 13, 2009 @ 7:06 AM | Reply

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