Zipline Conservative

June 11, 2009

Conservatives (Just a Couple Unaddressed Issues……)

Questions 2

We don’t want Government run health care. What do we do about tens of millions of uninsured? What is the Conservative response in the affirmative? What is the free market/capitalist/non-government response to this real problem? Not enough to argue down the problem and question the stats. 40 million, 20 million, whatever. What is our practical, reasonable solution to this problem?

Global Warming-Climate Change BS? When do you hear Conservatives argue for cleaner rivers; zero toxins dumped from pipes into rivers? Ridiculous rules to protect insects, rodents, snails all really generated to halt development more than protect the critter. Rules devised to halt growth and sprawl. Density v. Sprawl, mass transportation v. private conveyances. What is the Conservative response to the freedom to sprawl outward on and on, to escape urban ugh! and the elimination of farms, habitat and green spaces? I know a convoluted mess. But, we hang our hat on liberty and the ability to do as we wish. Here is a simple problem, at the risk of sounding like a pie eyed earth cookie: in my home State of Oregon… I cannot remember seeing what I saw as a child…honey bees, Monarch butterflies, cabbage moths, Bumble bees, robins. Oh, I see some, but not the sheer numbers even with a garden. I live on the edge of a wetland so I see the coyote, the raccoon, the woodpecker, the occasional Hummingbird. Why are bees and birds and butterflies missing? Silly question? Is it?

Frankly, many people see these problems or at least buy into the Left’s anti-capitalism, anti-development mantras. They see know response toward the core kernel of truth re these problems. The Left sees the problems and uses them as a vehicle to shut down the Right. The Right sputters and does in deed use the same tired responses. The Right has to decide whether in that hodge podge of Conservative values and principals there resides solutions to the messes of the Left OR solutions to the unintended consequences of unbridled growth, sprawl and neglect.       


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