Zipline Conservative

June 6, 2009

China’s Government Owned Enterprises (No Surprises re The Motivational Outcomes)

Robots 2I have a freind just back from a long stint in China. He was representing an American company contracted to perform certain structural projects stateside and he was to ensure the quality of work in China. His initial months of stay were an exercise in gradually reducing his expectations, not regard safety practices overall, but in how one gets to that end point. There is no incentive to move on production timelines. Work is purposely delayed and often poorly done with the intent of re-doing it. To perform up to efficient standards is to risk losing their job, in their minds.

My freind believes the government controlled businesses syphon off great amounts of cash and pay ‘slave’ wages to workers. Workers are housed in old migrant camp housing. These are structural engineers by the hundreds with college degrees and pushed from one project to another by the government via the ‘business’. There is no choice. No sense of independence. No sense of individual. All projects have individual components that would take two workers here. Perhaps 4 union workers here. There 10 are assigned and the obvious two required workers take turns with the other 8 in sharing the job. The job is rarely correctly completed. The job has to be redone..over and over. Delays are calculated to ensure employment. 

Is this the inevitable future here? Pathetic, I say. Oh, rest assured my friend, although he is having a nervous breakdown over time, intends for all materials coming here for the project to be structurally sound for your safety. The monumental effort is compounded by state run malaise.   


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