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May 25, 2009

Poland Bans Che (But, Here Does The Cult Following Continue? Followers Condone Murder)

Symbol of What?

Symbol of What?


Symbols of Che have been banned in Poland as well as other fascist-communist symbols that memorialize or celebrate mass murderers or the more common murderer like Che.

Last year Aleida Guevara, daughter of the murderous thug, objected to her father’s image being used to sell capitalist goods. “We don’t want money, we demand respect,” she said.

Respect? For what? Che Guevara was a coward and sadist. The men he shot were usually bound and blindfolded at the time. In 1959, by his own count, he had 2,500 army officers and unreconstructed democrats “sent to the wall”. And that was only the beginning. He loved executions so much that he had a window in his office in La Cabana prison overlooking the yard where the firing squads were at work. Whenever a distraught woman came to plead for the life of her totally innocent son, Che’s sense of humour prompted him to have the young man shot immediately in front of his mother. What a caution.

During his uninspired contribution to the revolution, he had a child in his guerrilla unit who had stolen a little food shot without trial. Régis Debray, who was in Bolivia with Guevara, described him as “an authoritarian through and through”. Yet today work-shy anarchists in squats sport his image. In his will, Guevara praised the “extremely useful hatred that turns men into effective, violent, merciless and cold killing machines”.

As it should be, either through some repressive ban on expression or public discourse and admonishment….if you wear that symbol why getting your panties in a bunch over Abu Ghraib excesses or Gitmo waterboarding, you are demonstrating the hypocrisy you love to point out to the Right for far lesser issues. Che was a murderer. He ordered executions of not only political opponents but also of artists, gays and children. He personally put the muzzle to the temple and blew powder and bullet deep through the collective life of Cuba. He is to be despised and any dipshit wearing his visage is to be viewed as condoning murder.    


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  1. Great news…you are right, Che was a murdering, cowardly scumbag.

    Comment by Carlos Echevarria — May 25, 2009 @ 12:45 PM | Reply

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