Zipline Conservative

May 23, 2009

Obamanation & The Leftist Drift (No Time to Connect the Dots…Info Snippets Will Have To Suffice)

liberty sleeps

Neo NeoCon describes the same group think mentalities I have been encountering for the last few years. The earnest commitment of Liberals to emotions and feel good summations about issues…these people are tweaked easier than an love lorn spinster by a Danielle Steele formatted romance novel. (geeze, that was quite a phrase I turned out there). I agree that Neo’s friends are soooo typical of what I see and the pace, snippets and feel good comfort of the current events precludes and meaningful analysis of that is unfolding…and as Neo says….’what if it is true?’…what then? (Thanks to Neo and to Maggie’s Farm )


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