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May 17, 2009

Steyn To Taylor: Weak Arguments…Weak Respect

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Mark Steyn levels one Jerry Taylor. Back to the gym, Jerry.

puppet face smiling“Rush has been on the air three hours a day, 15 hours a week for 20 years. If he’d left that many hostages to fortune in all those thousands of tapes, you’d think Jerry Taylor could find something a little more substantial to link to than a feeble New York Timesstory that isn’t about talk radio at all. Is this the level of research required for a Cato Institute study? C’mon, man, surely you could at least link to a George Soros-funded “Media Matters” laundry list of outrageous if ellipsis-heavy quotations (or “ransom-note racism,” as it’s known in the trade).

It reflects a bizarre set of priorities when an obscure think-tanker lazily endorses the liberal critique of American conservatism’s only mass outlet.” (Pundit & Pundette)

Yet, another indication of how fractured the Conservatives are. We know what we don’t like over there in Leftist Land, but our positions are scattered a bit amongst the Neo’s, Libertarians, Paleos with an undertone of religions tweaking it as well on cultural issues. Is there a clarion voice on what Conservatism’s core values are? We seem adept at pointing out dangers to liberty by the growing Secular State. Is that our philosophy? Simply  to throw defensive punches and not get a meaningful word in?  I have to admit I am more often than not in a search and destroy mode …but hungry for a roadmap toward a more cohesive philosophy. I think my head would hurt to go back to the founders (Burke et al) and read all that again. The voices will have to emerge to offer an alternative to big government, nuetered liberty and individual accomplishment.    


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