Zipline Conservative

May 14, 2009

RINO’s Have Lost Their Way Again (No Clarion Voice)


Republicans are ashamed of the 8 years of bumbling oration by George Bush. The aw shucks, lean on the lectern approach was unsettling. We have images of how we believe certain people (usually people of authority or priority) should look: a fat cop, a fat nurse, a fat soldier, a fat fire fighter assail the visual image or expectations of how someone should look. Add to the visual, a lack of verbal skills and we are quick to discount the person as ill prepared and not self disciplined enough to develop poise and bearing to provide us mental comfort…the look and sound like they know what the hell they are suppose to do. GW just didn’t look and sound competent. Appearance over substance? That is the trap. The American herd is apparently easily malleable to image v. substance, so the RINO’s need the slick image to counter the Left’s Clinton-Obama packaging. I partly agree and would offer what I want: not an actor, just a damn solid statesman’s persona with the ability to articulate Conservative values in a way that points to decisions and counters with principles that point the way toward solutions and how not to get into the fix we are in. Someone who can discuss Big Government, Individual Liberty and the Culture War. Conservatives have been able to discuss the dangers of Big Government. They have not been adept at reaching the populace on the Culture War. Missing is not only a solid group of Conservative speakers, but the bigger stumbling block…someway to counter the strangle hold of the msm…some way to get the message out through the propaganda machine unfiltered not to the choir, but to the unwashed…the beholden, the dependency class.  

In the meantime, the RINO’s want to find an equal to Obama. Understandable. But, you know the RINO’s want to also play the same manipulative game toward the populace. Too bad it has come to this. Sound bites, images, mental massaging, propaganda….on and on. We are all, well many of us, are looking for the person to lead us away from the Obamanation Machine. But, we better be damn sure toward what.          

What the GOP needs are more in-touch representatives who can communicate to the American people what an inarticulate, gaffetastic, wrong-headed politician Barack Obama really is (see the copious Hot Air archive of Ed Morrissey’s Obamateurisms of the Day).

Mimicking the Left’s idolatry isn’t the path to GOP salvation. It’s the path to permanent ruin.”


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