Zipline Conservative

May 14, 2009

Rationed Care, Rationed Life, Rationed Liberty

Filed under: Politics — SwittersB @ 6:08 AM


Rationed birth and life on the other end. Rationed liberty. We stand about watching the holes in the dike. To win is license to make wholesale changes to liberty? Is this the same degree of change that Bush-Cheney imposed via Congress and Executive Orders? I some how never noticed the slick changes to our liberty. Life seemed somewhat honored by that administration. I did not have a sense my future would be forever altered. Now, I watch the daily prop assault by Barrage Obama.

It is right before us, as anticipated. Redistribution, Euro Modeling, Muddling Statism destined to inefficient, bureaucratic drag. Waiting, poor communications, high costs, uncaring cogs, lines, take a number DMV BS.


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