Zipline Conservative

May 5, 2009

Colin Powell (Shut Up You Ol’ RINO….or Is It Liberal?)

woman-screamHow in the hell do I make my images and blog quake, fracture and twist in ways I want to create from this………damn……..I am so damn pissed off at this SOB. For once wade through the cesspool moat of the Regressives and join the Dem’s. Be done and shut up!!! To hell with the RINO, NEO’s and Moderates.

The Republican Party is in deep trouble,”Powell told corporate security executives at a conference in Washington sponsored by Fortify Software Inc. The party must realize that the country has changed, he said. “Americans do want to pay taxes for services,” he said. “Americans are looking for more government in their life, not less.”   Oh, how goddamn true, thanks to SOB’s like you!!!

Can’t win elections without the moderates and a few libs, like the above twit. That is the problem. What do we do Find a manipulative putz like Obama and play the all things to all people card? Is that all we can do…play to everyone and then try to implement a chaotic blend of governance? Well, we just did that, and the effort to argue for theories, values and principles went out the window. The voices capable of arguing for Conservative beliefs were marginalized by the msm, Left and the Colon Powell’s. The push back by the Right allowed collective opposition to lable the Right as mean and out of touch. The Right became the frustrated parent standing on beliefs and incessantly lecturing….the electorate..the spoiled teen. How did that teen get so spoiled and when did the parents spoil the child and ignore the values for a successful, independent life? You may not like the parent-child analogy, but you get my drift. Ok, I vented and feel only slightly better…and I had to rewrite this four times to not sound so angry. 

The point to me is the Conservative base needs to better articulate why certain values of limited governance are better. The Colon Powell’s and other Liberals are creating such large mess that limited anything will be impossible. Much like the large banks entwined in the global economy…banks too important, too big to be allowed to fail. That is our government now. We have the Powell’s to thank for that. Of course, the Right is strident. There is too much at stake. And, as the Left has argued for years: marginalized people, made to feel powerless and ostracized are capable of acting out in harsh ways.


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