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May 2, 2009

Most Polluted American Cities (Conservatism’s Response, A Failure)

Conservative's Response?

Conservative's Response?

“To be sure, there is significant economic incentive for improving air quality. A study done in 2007 by the South Coast Air Quality Management District found that achieving federal air quality standards in the Los Angeles area would cost $2.3 billion per year, but save $14.6 billion. That figure reflects a range of annual costs, including crop damage, lost work days, and premature deaths.”

Top 5 Cities for Ozone Pollution

1. PittsburghNew Castle, PA

2. FresnoMadera, CA

3. Bakersfield, CA

4. Los Angeles-Long BeachRiverside, CA

5. BirminghamHooverCullman, AL

Conservative’s have long ago been co-opted on the Environmental Issue. And, Conservatism, save some ‘Crunchy Cons’, has done a poor job of addressing the obvious blight inflicted upon our habitats. Is there a problem? Yes. Have all the programs thus far eliminated the pollution and blight? No.  Republicans have carelessly over protected business at the expense of the environment. Republicans have lost, no they haven’t lost, they never had a positive position to lose….not since T. Roosevelt regarding our natural resources. It is not a never ending supply or simple wounds always healed over by the natural process.  

Now the Left holds the eco high ground and can dictate policy beyond reasonableness or balance. This is the fault of Republicans…they do not see the winds shifting until it is too late. They do not hold solely onto principles, but rather to the excessive side of Capitalism. Too bad, because a wide, 8 lane expressway has been opened for a total retooling of our society because of the excesses of our economy and the total lack of leadership by Republicans. Now the dilution of the economy is easy. Green=Red or Black; take your pick.

There is little to the Republican Party to support anymore. Conservatism better redefine itself and recognize reality beyond rhetoric. Leadership demands realizing what is going on and addressing it. We have pollution in this country that is at times severe and at best unhealthy. What is the Conservative position re extraction-mining, air quality, water quality, declining fisheries, berserk urban growth, ridiculous urban density, etc etc??? Seriously, the Republicans resisted all efforts for the past 20+ years to heal the environment. I understand the why of excessive government intervention, but is it now obvious that a problem exists and rather than resisting and bogging down in rhetoric and protecting business at all costs, that Republicans should have led the way in fine tuning the problems back 20 years ago? I think so.

More than $$$ is involved now. Our Liberty is involved now. Thanks Republicans. A new party is needed. A new understanding of urban overload is needed or the Regressives, Rewildings will bring your world down around your ears (their intent). From now on, Conservative  must equal Conserving the Habitat and the Environment. If it did, the Al Gore’s would be relegated to what they are…bizarre, extreme quacks rather than mainstream enviro spokesmen. Geeez!          

This is not about the climate change-global warming debacle. It is about right in your own back yard: your air, your water, your soil, your health, your recreation. Frigging wake up!


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