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April 28, 2009

Air Force 1 Screwup by Obama Administration (STUPID!!! Louis Caldera)

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jetThe Military Office of the Obama Administration is falling on the sword in some dumbshit photo op exploit that brought Air Force 1, complete with fighter jet escort, into the area of lower Manhattan yesterday.  Mayor Bloomberg of New York did not know about this. He said he would have aggressively attempted to stop this, had he known. This is sooooo stupid and insensitive to NYer’s. No brains. So, who really ordered such a dumbass stunt and what was the purpose? Louis Caldera OK’s the op.   Seriously, this is enormously careless and a display of the ignorance of the OA re security concerns. As Bloomberg said, ‘It is the Federal Government…and they will do what they want’ (paraphrasing). Oh yes, they appear to have that mindset don’t they. What kind carbon footprint did that leave? Boondoggle Junket? Who was on the Air Force 1?


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  1. Now if this had involved GEORGE W. BUSH those blood sucker journalist would have been all over it and it would have been front page headlines on every major birdcage linner in the nation

    Comment by Mad Bluebird — May 27, 2009 @ 7:49 AM | Reply

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