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April 27, 2009

Immorality of Force (Chasing The Tail)

Leftist Circular Arguments...Comfortable For Them...Frustrating For Realists

Leftist Circular Arguments...Comfortable For Them...Frustrating For Realists

“Thus the United States is “wrong” for torturing terrorists, because torture is always wrong. And it is wrong because United States foreign policy is to blame for terrorism… not the terrorists themselves.

Similarly the death penalty is wrong because killing is always wrong and because crime is the product of social conditions and racism created by the authorities and perpetuated by law-abiding Americans…….That is why debating the specifics of a particular action with the anti-war left is always a losing proposition. It doesn’t matter whether it’s killing terrorists, imposing sanctions or even condemning terrorism. The left cannot be convinced because it rejects the legitimacy of the system that applies the actions themselves.

War however is contextual. By deciding that the stronger is always the perpetrator and therefore the illegitimate originator of the violence, the left substitutes strategy for morality, and ignores the true context of the situation, reshaping history until it fits a neo-Marxist narrative. By dividing action from reaction and aligning in a pattern of responsibility that links to the strongest side, the Anti-War left repeats the same moral follies and intelectual falacies which caused them to help pave the way for Nazi terror across Europe in WW2.”


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  1. The political left WANTS TO argue details because details are a sidetracking device which keep keep the intellect frantically occupied so people cannot look deeper inside to what they know is right. See:

    Comment by Beau — May 1, 2009 @ 6:25 AM | Reply

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