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April 26, 2009

Copy Cat, Thief, Borrower (most of us are)

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 Have Not Done It “My Way”

~ by OneMoreOption

This morning it was widely reported that a British survey has found that the song “My Way” is the most popularly played song at funerals.  This is somewhat amusing to me personally because I have a close relative who has asked that “My Way” be played at their funeral.

“My Way” is a great song.  Depending on how it is sung, it can filled with pride, regret, and woe all in the same performance.

I would not describe my story as having lived “My Way.”  Instead, I am a collector, a borrower, a thief, and an emulator.  I watch everyone, every idea, and everything around me, attempting to incorporate the best parts of others into a repotoire – an online library and a human library of associations, connections, and comparisons.

I have rarely been an originator.  Rather, I have regularly worked to combine, filter, compare, compose, and coordinate others’ ideas and artworks.  My work is not to promote ”my way;”  rather, it has been to show the best things I have seen from others.


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