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April 25, 2009

What’s Good For the Goose is Good For the إرهابي

The enormous Obama-msm prop effort re ‘torture’ and oh those poor prisoners again. I would call it self flagellation but it is more akin to the ‘torture’ of the American citizen, albeit some probably get off on it.

Reality Leftist Won't Address

Reality Leftist Won't Address

Hyacinth Girl comments upon the odd dynamic of U.S. Special Ops types undergoing identical ‘torture’ techniques in preparation for capture. There seems there would be an equal concern for them? Bring on the pics of prisoners in hoods, on stools with phony electrodes attached. Oh, the national shame (the intent) Oh, not me!  (the intent) That was the evil Repblicans. My, oh, my. Thank Allah, er God, no Obama  (the biggest intent). Oh, yes the prisoner treatment was at times unnecessary but at other times necessary and frankly, let me categorize myself here…I don’t give a hoot ‘n hell. If one of you hand wringing, mental manipulators opened your pie hole as intensely over beheadings or real torture I might give some respect to you…nope, you are manipulating to enhance and retain power…screw you.    

Lost in all this was the earlier post by Pundit & Pundette re the propaganda department for Obama. Time remarked about it. Is it just assumed, as usual, that everyone does it or is this something bigger and more sinister? If Democrat Wingnuts get so crazed about Chem Trails and 9-11 Truth, then this probably seems like small potatoes…kind of like ‘well, duh!’  But, given where we are headed toward an ever more enormous intrusion into our freedoms of decision making, the ability to mentally control the masses seems ultra sinister if for a fact there is a concerted effort to program us beyond advertising, strategist, polling and focus groups.   

An aside…good energy and relay of information at: Pundit & Pundette  They pass on info from the usual hard working suspects, but there is a touch of humor and freshness. Their readership is fresh as well and thereby a good source of commandeered mentors.    


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