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April 24, 2009

Saving B.C. Rivers From Privatization (Listen to the Key Words)

Parachute Mayfly (Hot Post)~SwittersB

Parachute Mayfly (Hot Post)~SwittersB

As an avid fly fisherman, I have a reverential respect for the outdoors that sometimes flies into the face of development and habitat abuses. I believe Conservatives are often hell bent on development at all costs. Yet, I have advocated for drilling ANWR. Conservatives could do more to balance environmentalism and development of natural resources near pristine habitats. Dick Cheney’s Wyoming is a place to start studying.

There is an election looming in B.C. May 15, 2009 regarding the future development of hydro power by private companies. Listen to the short audio and catalogue all the trigger words by the narrator. The environment is so entwined with the Left that common sense cannot prevail in discourse. Ecobots are crazed and the arguments are so laced with Leftist to Marxist rhetoric. What I find most revealing is the psychology already entrenched with Canadians re Public and Our. They appear to have long ago abandoned Individual Liberty for Group Think.  

For Conservatives there is an enormous environmental issue brewing for several years now in Alaska re Bristol Bay and the Pebble Mine. This topic has long ago been co-opted by enviro’s. Interestingly Obama has some odd relationships with the Mining Industry. Pebble Mine will be one of, if not the, biggest gold mines in the world. The might’s, could’s, maybe’s, probably’s, even will’s abound in the debate if you can call it that. Pebble Mine should be studied by those that want to preserve habitat….even by Conservatives.


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