Zipline Conservative

April 22, 2009

Obama Creepiness (Group Think…You Sensed It Didn’t You?)

Why would so many people ignore reason and obvious warning signs of relationships and positions? Behavior modified, manipulated and judged as malleable. Sheep, robots, fence posts.

“These guys really know what makes people tick.”

Sure there were strategists, researchers, polling all used to guess moods and intentions. What’s the difference you say? I think the manipulated rather than the assessed will jump into a mess against their better judgment. These days we are not raising people to use their better judgement are we? Sheep don’t need judgment do they…just follow the path to………..??  

Why isn’t this pointed out by the other manipulators, the msm? Hmmm?

Make A Run For It!! Quick, Go!

Make A Run For It!! Quick, Go!

Creepy, Wrong, Dangerous, To Be Resisted  


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