Zipline Conservative

April 22, 2009

Far Right Thugs and Crime Increase in Germany

adolf-hitler-nazism-fascism-third-reich-swastika2Economic conditions similar to 20″ and 30’s are breeding ground for ‘Far Right’ thugs and flash back to Nazi’s of old….so says Interior Minister of Germany. Well, you think they would  have a handle on how to mount a Nazi offensive and turn the world upside down. Of course, the Socialist rant about the economy was the key to taking the discontented and steering them toward Fascistic movement….a decidedly Socialist movement. Although the noise the Far Right makes is pronounced and unsettling to the current Euro mentality, I wonder how much marginalization efforts are going on in Germany just like here to call Conservative or Right side comments as Nazi, Extreme, Dangerous. Perhaps they, the Neo Nazi’s are violent….perhaps not. Maybe someone else can expound on the reality there beyond the economic chaos? 


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