Zipline Conservative

April 19, 2009

Somali Pirates (A Product of Their Enviro..Or Is It a Product of Ecobots’ Mind?)


First, let me say:  GREEN = RED     Secondly, the Leftist-Marxist would point to the fact that nothing has changed and hence no surprise some poor Somali’s decide to take from the Capitalist’s who have too much. We have failed the impoverished world. How much foreign aid and resources under Bush alone? How much in the last twenty years…thirty years? How many Billions? How many well intentioned twits have served on projects in Africa and Obama’s bro is living in squalor in Kenya?

Yes, nothing changes with the Left and their tired arguments steered toward their target..Capitalism. Ignored are the billions that have been poured into Africa, particularly by the U.S. and where has that money gone? Maybe the ‘reluctant’ pirates of Somalia should be raising hell why their rectum of a country has not received the trickle down benefits of foreign aid. 

No victim status for the pirates. No likening it to a property crime. You pick up the AK and your ass should be dead. Pathetic drivel from Marxists does not change the corruption and evil of the warlords ruling the poor of Somalia. Perhaps the naive Mr. Iltis of GreenLeft should head to  Mogadishu for a little sit down ala The One (equally naive one) to resolve the choke point on all that Capitalist aid. Oh, that fussy problem of US troops killed there….oh yes please counter with the savagery and arrogance of US troops.

Screw it! Is this arrogant enough…hunt them…kill them. They can make their sorry ass way back to land and ‘organize’ community activists; use those AK’s and over throw the warlords…oh, right they have better armaments from other anti-Capitalist types. Any wonder it just sits there simmering like a caldron of primordial ooze? Even Wonder Boy gets that.


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