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April 19, 2009

May Day, May Day (Tejas Madrecita Looking Ahead to the Set Up)

May Day: The epitome of Leftist demands regards the redistribution of wealth and most recently the non-citizen’s demands for their piece of the American Pie…   Texas Darlin’ points out the set up and the Leftist (Obama Administration and msm propaganda machine’s) response to justify the total dilution of our culture, laws and life style. The slide toward the 50% taking care of the 50% is looming.

The missing factor, not commented upon of late, are the Courts. Wait, it will be the un-democratic capper to progressively regressively move toward a dependency class already expecting their payoff. 

“When you consider the toolbox we have already created to understand Obama’s deception, is there any doubt Obama plans to use this opportunity to continue to foment class and race revolution among Americans?  And recall how the Cloward-Piven strategy is an additional tactic that will add to the increasing chaos of rapidly stressing government institutions in pursuit of his radical agenda.”

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