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April 19, 2009

Holly Madison Has Sworn Off Air Brushing

Holly Madison

Holly Madison

Making the most of the beautiful spring day, Holly Madisonwas spotted out for a stroll in Beverly Hills, California yesterday afternoon (April 16). The “Girls Next Door” hottie looked nonchalant as she strolled down the sidewalk, blithely sipping an icy cool Starbucks beverage and ignoring the paparazzi.  And though she’s most known for her sexy nude photo spreads in Playboy magazine, Holly says that chapter of her life is most definitely over. Miss Madison told press, “I’m never getting naked again. I’m over it, I’ve done it so many times. It is time to switch it up.” As far as relationships go, Holly says she hopes to find love again soon.  “My conviction has always been, being a romantic, that the best solution for a failed romance is a new romance.” 

Ok, maybe, just maybe, the Oregon girl (well for awhile at least) will find fame outside the promotion of her chassis. My money is (while I still have it) is on Bridget and Holly to leave the sleaze merchants behind. The Girl’s Next Door vehicle may have ultimately shown the girls (well 2 of the 3) to be better than T & A +. I know, I know…so non-extremist. No Nudes, No Dancing, No Hef, No Freak Angel…maybe Spring has sprung for Holly. We shall see?????


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