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April 18, 2009

Leftist Weaselisms (formula for propaganda)

"I'm Not Arrogant, I Just Happen To Be Right!"  LeedyArt

"I'm Not Arrogant, I Just Happen To Be Right!" LeedyArt

Victor David Hanon points to a piece by Bruce Thornton of Front Page Magazine (.com), in which Thornton calculates the formula the Left uses over and over to demean and diminish Conservatives. Perhaps both sides are capable of this formula at times, but it is SO pronounced within the Left’s media/culture base of print media, television and the movie industry.    

“…there you have classic liberal “nuanced” and “sophisticated” thinking: stale clichés, two-bit psychologizing, and vicious smears, all tarted up with phony “science.” Such sloppy thinking is really something to get angry about.”

In the meantime: Cuba, Chavez, Mexico, Right Wing Extremist, DHS, Tea Party & Media-Liberal Fear, Massive Debt

More to Come: Court Appointees, Weapons Ban, Health Care, Cap ‘n Trade (it’s only delayed), Hate Speech Tribunals and the Fairness Doctrine


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