Zipline Conservative

April 14, 2009

Joe Biden Was Right About Obama



1. Pakistan giving the Taliban control of the No-Man’s Land?

2. Piracy continues and the gauntlet has been thrown down.

3. North Korea fires its missile and we watch. N. Korea to continue nuclear program.

4. Iran continues to develop its weapon’s system with14,000 centrifuges.

5. The border with Mexico continues to be chaos.

6. Obama maintains the secrecy with the Surveillance Act (sic) and annoys the Left.

This all while (so far) costing each college student (so far) $114,000.00 in interest over their lifetime (s0 far) for Obama’s economic ‘recovery’. This price tag doesn’t even account for the loss of freedom, the side cost, to these laws and Executive Orders.

This is all without China and Russia openly tweaking us. I don’t take any pleasure in these challenges to Obama. They are no different than the messes facing Bush for his Presidency. I will be interested to see if Obama becomes the Cowboy now.


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