Zipline Conservative

April 13, 2009

Obama & Democrat Voter Profile (Group Think…Pious Arrogance)


“I carry a commitment to community which extends earthwide…”

Well, I would expect ‘community’, I see that often associated to Leftist agenda projects, as it is part of that grassroots coordination effort and the coalescing of ‘collective’ thought. The ‘global’ or ‘planet’ or ‘earthwide’ community awaits the Obamabot re climate change, food production (anti-agri & pro ‘local’), perhaps a global currency, world Courts, global rights. All this ignores sovereignty, nationalism (that old war causing concept) and individual rights (already a fading concept in the U.S.). The Group rules for the good of the Greater Good. 

The above quote was in a Portland, Oregon newspaper touting a group project and a woman recruiting to her cause, a ‘global’ cause, at the ‘community’ level. The individual is lost… I guarantee none of these global citizens would have had the fortitude to settle this country. They are, to their credit, at least excited about breaking ground in their backyard to plant a garden and grow vegetables for their consumption…something that was the norm just 40 years ag0. But, beyond that the earth citizen looks outward and one would imagine with disdain at anyone concerned about borders, culture and the short term history of the U.S…..a country not worthy of Nationalistic fervor…             



  1. Ohmigosh–global rights?! Is there something wrong with that idea?

    Comment by Kathryn — March 31, 2010 @ 10:25 AM | Reply

    • Ah….yes. No Global anything…thank you!

      Comment by SwittersB — March 31, 2010 @ 5:48 PM | Reply

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