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April 12, 2009

Obama’s Bro Samson Allegedly Rapes 13 y/o in GB (msm propaganda machine silent)

obama_01_1204_34354a“Of course there’s no time for any of that reporting, because Sarah Palin’s husband’s half-sister’s friend’s hairdresser tore that tag off the mattress that says “Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law”, so of course that needs to be the lead story. Those damn Palins. Always up to something!”

Does anyone question the double standards and misdirected energies that target and destroy? Acceptable, I guess. Thanks for the digging HillBuzz. Why so quiet about a half-bro? Who is Odinga?


  1. I did not see that news article until I came across your blog. The double standards in news reporting is sickening. I could care less about what Sarah Palin’s SIL was busted for, or Levi Johnston’s mother, for that matter. This rape story is another matter, the fact that its Obama’s brother isn’t what the story should be – its the fact that rape in Africa among other human rights crimes against children and women happen frequently. If this story was reported there would be a huge jump on “that’s his brother, its not as if Obama condones this” and then of course it would be called trash reporting and the next news segment would be how the SIL of Sarah Palin was busted in some sort of home invasion. I think both sides, liberal and conservative hide behind some sort of double standard – and its quite sickening.

    Comment by Connie K Munson — April 12, 2009 @ 8:09 AM | Reply

    • Amen! In keeping with the day. A ‘gotcha’ mentality permeates the airwaves and the inevitable double standards and allegations of hypocrisy.The problem, at least in part, is there are standards. It cannot all be reletive. And, the refrain ‘Yeah, but….so so did it too.” Diverts attention away from a standard of behavior, of decency that we are afraid to state for fear of being a religious Right bible thumper or a Leftist Secularist. Somewhere, we have allowed ourselves to believe that no one value can be superior to any other value…there fore they are all equal….where are we now with that? Sorting it out, I guess. Sickening indeed!!! Thank you for writing Connie.

      Comment by swittersb — April 12, 2009 @ 6:23 PM | Reply

  2. […] brother refused UK visa after ’sex assault on young girls’ | Buzz 7…Obama’s Bro Samson Allegedly Rapes 13 y/o in GB (msm propaganda machine silent) « Ziplin…Barack Obama | Change 2008 » Blog Archive » Barack Obama’s half-brother was denied […]

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