Zipline Conservative

April 11, 2009

Tejas Madrecita Nails Obama’s Arrogance…Again.

All You Needed to Know!

All You Needed to Know!

“Last year, this blog urged voters  to critically assess Obama’s commitment to protecting core American values. We shared our concern about his cadre of anti-American friends and associates, the veracity of his claim to have never practiced the Muslim faith, and his loyalty to other nations. And here we are, less than three months into the Obama presidency, and mainstream media such as the Post are wondering aloud why Barack Hussein Obama is dissing America. Every day I see another respectable commentator express dismay that the new President spoke of our country during his first overseas trip as if he is ashamed of us. But I am dismayed by neither the sentiment Obama conveyed nor his audacity in doing so. It’s been apparent to me all along that this man truly does view himself as King of the World, and the World Order he seeks to oversee has no place at the top for America . In his heart, there is no loyalty to my country.”    (Maybe the world is not ready for King Obama)    (Let’s see..this is racist…just trying to keep the black man down? Or, maybe we can play the Bush Card yet again?? Yet again…let me play the REAL  Ace: The Ayers, Wright, Mansour Card)


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