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April 9, 2009

Small Ship Voyages & Cruises (Tired of the Big Ship-Big Crowd? Consider More Intimate Travel and Naturalism)

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ssv_logo_rgbMany of you have done the big ship venue and although the first time or two is nice, it soon becomes apparent you are with a giant herd of travelers, the majority of which you have little in common with. More importantly, you will not get close to many anyway, let alone to the nature off in the distance.

The small ship industry has been putting out a product for several years that limits clients from the typical 3,000 or more to 100 and often even less. The ships are smaller, lower and geared toward intimate contact with your surroundings and your travel mates. Conversations just develop with like minded travelers. They are  seeking nature up close and the bonds are soon created as whales, bear and eagles conspire to drop your jaw in Alaska or the Southern sun bounces off rock formations and whales cavort in the Seal of Cortes. Actually, there are numerous small ship venues that all offer a relaxed atmosphere and a pace that is simply geared toward discovery. You will discover nature and you will discover wonderful companions. 

Whether traveling to Alaska, the Columbia River, the Sea of Cortes, the Galapagos Islands, the Orient, Costa Rica, European River cruises or and beyond, the Small Ship Voyage awaits to expand the mind, the memories and your heart…give it a try.  I have traveled big ship and small ship. The small ship is a mature experience, still fine for the family, but definitely for seasoned, educated travelers that care about the environment, but yearn for close glimpses of nature. Check out Small Ship Voyages and let Mary Jo help you plan and create a destination package that may be a one in a lifetime journey or a beginning of many such trips.

Remember Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt are from Oregon and Love Small Ship Voyages!!!


  1. […] I have traveled on both the big ship as well as the small ship. There is no comparison between the two if your focus is nature, relaxation and the destination. If you want the crowds, confusions, neon, herd instinct then by all means take the big ship or pretend and go to the mall at Christmas. They are similar experiences. But, if you want a genuine naturalist to share the flora and fauna with a passion then board that zodiac as it departs the Small Ship and listen to the glaciers cav or take a deep breath as your sea kayak glides along some tropical back cove. Whales, whales and more whales. Glaciers, coral beaches, Euro canals and rivers….it is there at an intimate level that a seasoned traveler can appreciate. […]

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