Zipline Conservative

April 6, 2009

Slick Willy to Bumbling George to Slick Barack (and the occassional Bumbling Barry)

Yes, it was uncomfortable to listen to Bush bumble about at the lectern. It made you cringe and tighten. I often wondered, ‘what is he really like?’ If you had a chance to fish with him, what would George be like?  Well, as much as I wanted Bush to be smoother, I still sense a difference between George the Bumbler and Barry, the slick car salesman. Who do I trust? I do not trust the script, the perfection, the teleprompters (12 of them?), the entourage and pretense. It all strongly suggests manipulation. Arrogant manipulation.

Of course, George attempted to convey a foreign policy message that was fortified by twanging our patriotic strings. That was OK, because there was and is a need to recognize the ‘real’ threat. Whether we should have gone to war is another question. But the message was, to me, based in reality. I do not believe Obama’s message is based in truth, but rather it is based in a wish. A wish to totally alter our structure as a society and lie, cheat, steal and mentally assault our psyche to get there. 

They are always there, the manipulators behind the scenes.  O’s manipulators should be identified. I still want to know how often ‘our President’ talks to Bill Ayers.

It is nice to see when Slick Obama becomes Bumbling Barry.   


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