Zipline Conservative

April 4, 2009

Who Will Buy N. Korea’s Know How?

“The rocket is estimated to have a range of more than 4,000 miles. Some analysts say that with a light payload, it could reach the western U.S.”

Yep, That's Missle Boy

Yep, That's Missle Boy

Kim Jong Il, took time out today from his concubine to watch the launch of the missile. He was pleased the launching was successful and that he did not have to kill any technicians. He returned to his debauchery, telling his assistants to catalogue the calls from despots willing to pay for the weapons payload know how.   

Not to worry, I am sure O will infuse billions of our personal income into the country via China or some quiet way to attempt to buy off whacko boy. A poser dealing with a despot…maybe Kim will be equally impressed with O,  as the Euro’s allegedly were.


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