Zipline Conservative

April 4, 2009

Don’t Give Margaret or Helen a Gun (The Lame Twits Would Use It)

 So the People’s Cube has the above twits amply identified. They are the community snitches that would send you to the Gulag. The followers. The willing accomplices. The graves of millions were necessitated by the self righteous Margaret and Helens of the world. Enjoy your free speech, but don’t come near me on your damn scooters or else, as you say.  A ‘cost benefit analysis’ for Margaret and Helen: pull the fecking plug.  



Guilt, even Catholic Guilt, is becoming so entwined with our choices. Of course, it is by relentless design to gain compliance without force…social contracts of sort overladen with guilt. It has, to some degree, been part of the arrangement since man decided to form societal agreements…hence, ‘guilty’ as charged. But today, there is new codes of conduct and new forms of compliance. Whether from the Leftist religious pulpit that goes on about ‘community’ and having too much or from gasbag bitches like Margaret and Helen, there is the ranting toward the end of group think and compliance. As the two aforementioned Ensure swilling twits rail on about…’or else’. Implying what? Force? The smothering of speech perhaps by tribunals controlled by the ilk of Helen and Margaret types and their  adoring mass followers? (That alone is worth reading to see the robotic, intellectul depths of the readers….if M & H aren’t real, then the followers are even more pathetic).

 “The objective of the Progressive movement is to force a change in the society so that we no longer have to wait around for voluntary contributions from the guilty. Instead, we will forcibly extract as much money as we deem necessary to maintain and advance Progress™, which is our brand name for systematic wealth extraction. A planned extraction facilitates control over the guilt-ridden masses by well-meaning Party apparatchiks and a more seamless central planning of state-run economy in the name of the Common Good™”



  1. Wow- wunderkinder on the RIght are frightened by a couple of little old ladies?

    No wonder terrorism so discombobulated you all.

    Comment by tom — July 10, 2009 @ 10:01 AM | Reply

    • NO, No you miss the point: the point is not the two old crones…it is the mental capacity of those that judge their venom to be so adorable…and who no doubt love the state of things now….

      Comment by swittersb — July 11, 2009 @ 7:26 AM | Reply

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